Saturday, September 5, 2009

Milk Prices

Our milk prices haven' t improved . I keep sending farm articles to G.T. , Rep . Glenn Thompson. Articles about the crisis many dairy farmers are facing right now. Many farmers are in danger of losing their farms , cows and their home. Most can't afford to pay all their bills. And are hanging on by a thread. Most farmers don't have weeks and months while politicians figure out what to do about the insulting milk prices we are getting. Something has to be done and now , not in a couple of months . Recently my husband and I were interviewed by our local paper . They wanted to do an article about how the low milk prices were affecting us and our farm . They put a picture of us on the front page of the paper. You can view the article by going to . I hope people who read the article thought about farmers and what they are going through ,when they bought that gallon of milk at the store. I read in North Carolina there used to be 1300 farms and now there are only 300 . What will we do when there are hardly any dairy farms left ? Buy our milk from China ??


  1. Didn't the feds do something, the beginning of August? this link

    has our gov. from Wis. saying the feds were spending 243 million for milk supports. Hope things work out for you and your husband and your farm.

  2. Yeah ,Paul , They were a big help .( NOT ! ) It will maybe raise our price a few cents . And we didn't even start to get this great big raise in price yet ! It didn't hurt. But it isn't the help we desperately need right now. And thank you so much for your kind words ! We keep hanging on by our fingertips. As are so many other farmers .