Thursday, September 9, 2010

Putting the Cows Out !

We put our cows outside into our fields or our neighbors fields every morning and every night. The other day I started thinking of all we have to do to put the cows out. A person who isn't a farmer sees the cows in the field and probably thinks : A farmer just lets the cows go down to the field. Not quite !! LOL ! A farmer knows what all goes into that ! First , we clean out the troughs of any hay . We sweep the trough . Then use the shovel to get any small pieces. Then get all the cows up that are laying down. In the hopes they will poop in the gutter ( I know we can hope ! LOL ! ) and not all over the walkway . Once the cows are up , I unhook them and my husband chases them out the door. And of course most of them poop all over the walkway ! We get all the cows out the door . Then we have a heifer who we don't trust yet to not go through the fence. We put her out in the pen . My husband gets the cows down to the field. Hooks all the fences. I start scraping the floor of all the poop . Then sprinkle lime to help dry it up. I feed the calves and the heifers hay in the barn. My husband feeds the heifers and calves in the extension. My husband and I rebed the cows with straw for the morning. I feed the cats their milk . We turn out the lights and head into the house for supper. So when you see cows in a field , think of all that goes into getting those cows into down there !

Walking up to the Mountain

On Monday we had a picnic here on the farm. The grandkids and our one daughter walked up the lane towards our mountains. She took this picture . I thought it was so beautiful !

Counting my Blessings !

We are so lucky to live where we do. Hublersburg is a very tiny town. There are about 40 homes, a Firehouse, a Hotel , an Elementary School and a Church. Two of my grandkids go to the School. It is the same School I went to and our two girls went to. Our farm is the only working farm in the town. There are a couple of other farms but they no longer have animals. The other night I sat outside under our very old tree . We had finished supper. I got myself a cup of coffee and just sat and relaxed. It is so quiet and peaceful back here. No one else around. I can look up in the sky and see all the stars . There is nothing like it , to sit and feel such peace and contentment. When I see on the news about people who live in the city and live with violence every day , I count my Blessings ! I sometimes think how did we get so lucky to be put on this beautiful farm to live every day . I take a walk about every day . I go out our lane and cross a state road . Then go back our neighbors road. On my way back home I can look across the field and see all the mountains behind our farm. It is breathtaking ! Fall is my favorite season. Soon the trees will be in vibrant colors of gold, red , rust and orange. It will look even more beautiful. This past year ( 2009 ) was such a stress filled time. With milk prices so depressingly low , it was all we could do to hang on to our farm. But I know we are lucky in many ways . Like having our farm to work, live and enjoy ! Yes, I do count my Blessings !