Sunday, October 16, 2011


We had such a great time while my 2 brothers and other family were here visiting for a week . We did so many fun things. Had lots of picnics and ate way too much food of course ! Mom and Dad had a picnic at their place the one night. It was nice enough a bunch of us sat out on the deck to eat . We sat there for hours just talking and enjoying our time together. This is the first time in years and years we the bunch of us were together. There was my brother Ken, his daughter Kareen, her girls Michaela and Layla , her friend Jake, Kens daughter Keena , her husband Adam and their son Brock, Kens boys Kyle and Kole and Koles kids Kayden and Khloee, Kens daughter Kalley and her husband Brock. My other brother from Florida , Terry was up too. It was so nice for us to be able to sit and visit and talk about when we growing up and sharing so many memories. It was such a very special time. The one Sunday we went to church and my one niece took our picture.And this isn't even all of us . There are quite a few more !

Things are meant to be

Things are sometimes meant to happen a certain way sometimes. More and more it was meant to be that we sold our dairy cows when we did in May . This year when we planted our crops it was very dry and they did not produce the best crops. So our hay was below our usual amount . Jim just filled our big silo and it has very little silage in it. Our corn for silage was less than out usual amount too. He said just the other day to me: If we had kept the cows , we would be out of feed by January. I don't know what we would have done. We still miss the cows and our barn work. We probably always will. But it was meant to be this way . I am just thankful we are still able to keep our farm and just crop farm for now. Maybe in the future we will rent out our ground . But for now we still farm it ourselves .
My one brother was up from Florida with his 5 kids and grandkids. We had a big picnic at the farm . There were about 40 of us here with lots of food.We walked up to the mountain and let them see the how pretty it is up there. The view up is gorgeous and you can see the valley .