Monday, June 7, 2010

Things Should Be Better !!!!!!!!!

By now I really thought things would be better . That we would be doing ok. That there would be enough money to pay our bills. That someone would do something to see that dairy farmers were paid an honest (!!!) and livable price for our milk. But I was wrong , it hasn't happened and I don't think it is going to happen. Dairy farmers are being ignored. Dairy farmers are being told there is too much milk . They are being told we are going to hold hearings and hear testimony about the dairy farmers troubles. They are being told ....Yes, we are going to study all this and we are going to help the dairy farmer ! Really ?? When , in the year 2095 ??????? Dairy farmers need a decent price for their milk and NOW ! But , like I said NOBODY is DOING ANYTHING !! And we do not want a handout or a BAILOUT !! All we want is to be given a decent price for our milk that we deserve ! At this very moment , we have exctly $ 50.00 in our checking account. And this week we need FEED ($ 200) , we need GAS ($ 500) and we have our HOUSE INS. ( $ 450) . Oh, yeah , that doesnt include all the other bills we also have due this week . We do not recieve our next milk check til June 17 or 19. My husband and I are so sick and tired of trying to operate our dairy farm with a milk check that doesn' t even cover the essentials of farming. Tomorrow we have 5 to 8 loads of hay. I just pray we don't run out of gas before the hay is all baled.
We are trying to figure out what to sell to pay for these essentials of farming. Which does not include any groceries for us. What is this country coming to, when a farmer who feeds the world can't afford to feed his own family ???
I sat out on our front porch this afternoon before barn time and cried . My husband said he doesn't know what else to do. Neither do I . Because .... NOBODY IS LISTENING !