Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sweet Corn Ready

Our sweet corn is ready . Our sweet corn is the best I have ever eaten. I went up and picked some to freeze. Worked up a sweat doing that , too ! I froze 10 quarts . Hope to get more done tomorrow. It will taste pretty good this winter . Mom is going to do some and our one daughter hopes to get some done . All the grandkids love to go in the field and help to pick it. When they were small , they were afraid they would get lost in the cornfield. The corn was high and they were so little . They aren't so little anymore. The oldest is 12 and almost as tall as me . I think I used to be taller ! As I get older I think I am shrinking ! LOL ! Of course my butt and hips aren't ! Oh well , joys of getting older !

Hay Making

We just finished the 2nd. cutting of hay . So no hay to unload for a bit. The last couple of days unloading has been really hot and humid. Yuck !! Sweat just drips off of you. Two of the grandkids helped on the wagon. But not too long, they got pretty dusty and hot.
My hubby and I were on the front page of our local paper . They came to talk to us about how the low milk prices were affecting our small farm. Then they came another day and took some pics . And wouldn't you know they put a big pic of me on the front page feeding hay . Told our girls , if I had known I was going to be on the front page , I would have gone on a crash diet ! It was a very nice article. It can be seen @ www.CentreDaily.com . Hope it makes people think about all the farms that are being lost . I hear about farms being lost every day . Just hope something is done and soon about the milk prices . Kraft and Dean Foods have had record profits . Well , not dairy farmers !!