Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My Goodies at Musser Farm Market

I was at Musser Farm Market in Bellefonte, PA today. Thought I would share some pics of my goodies I have there . My Mom and I have a stand there and we are side by side, which works out really well. She does purses, pillows, signs , pot holders, table runners, tree skirts and more ! I also took up some prim items I had here at home. I took up a HUGE old, primitive box that could be used on your porch or deck as a table. It is that big ! Also took some old candle boxes , a barnwood tote and shelf. There are also two hand made Amish buckets. Inside I have primitive candle holders, tarts , grubby candle sticks, grubby doilys, a prim distressed wood shelf, a primitive bee skep with a berry ring , an Americana bucket and lots and lots more ! If you are in the central PA area , stop in at Musser Farm Market and check out my booth !

Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Year Since We Sold The Cows

Well , it has been a year since we sold the dairy cows. Our life has changed a lot. My husband is a Township Supervisor and now works full time for them. He has adjusted to his job, I think. He says he doesn't miss the cows anymore. We both did at first. But we do not miss all the headaches , heartaches and stress of dairy farming. Being a dairy farmer is also very  hard on your body. His knees don't hurt like they used to from bending up and down to milk.His back is better also. The other week he has a really bad cough and I ended up taking him to the ER  at 3 in the afternoon. A lady we know (  who are dairy farmers ) works at the ER . She saw us and came into my husband 's room and talked to us. My husband told her if we still had the dairy cows he would not be up here , we would have to be at the barn milking and feeding. He would just have had to suffer through the cough and illness. We don't have to worry about what we will do , if the bottom falls out of the milk price that farmers receive.I really hoped by now milk prices would be better for a dairy farmer. But that isn't the case. I think our one friend told us he is getting $ 16.??  a hundredweight. I sure hope the price does not keep falling for all the farmers! We still crop farm and my husband has been busy planting corn. We have been selling hay and corn to neighbors. We just sent out 4 bred heifers on Friday. They were hauled over to the same sale barn where we sold our cows last year , in Centre Hall. We decided to go over and see how much they brought. And as I sat there I thought , how funny  , here we are right where we were a year ago.But a year ago our feelings were much different sitting there  . Feeling a sadness watching our cows all being loaded on the trailer to be taken to the sale barn .  Feelings of sadness seeing our cows brought in and sold. Knowing when we went home the barn would be empty . That the next morning there would be no cows to milk. But this year it was different. We had started a different life. One that has made my husband less stressed. One that if we want to go away for a day , we can. One that if we need to go the ER at 3 in the afternoon , we can. We have adjusted to our new life, I think !