Monday, September 21, 2009

Forage Harvester

We will soon be filling silo .But we had a little problem this year. Last year we borrowed a harvester from another farmer . About 2 weeks ago my husband goes out to see if we can borrow it again this year .The farmer tore it apart , he didnt have it .He said I meant to come and tell you. So we were at a loss what to do . We don't have the money to pay our bills, with these lousy milk prices, let alone go buy a harvester. We asked around everywhere to see if anyone had one . We are a small farm , so all we needed was a 1 row. No luck anywhere . There was to be a sale of machinery on Saturday ( 19th ) . My husband decided to go and try and get one. No idea where the money is going to come from. But it is something we had to have or there was no way to fill our silo. He went to the sale and did get one . We were so glad . But to pay for it , we are going to have to send 2 cows out tomorrow . Which of course will mean we will ship out less milk. So we will be making even less money to try and pay the bills. It is a vicious circle. There doesn't seem to be an end to the low milk prices . And I keep reading where Dean's Food and Kraft are having record profits . At the farmers expense ! Oh yes, we got our huge raise in our milk prices ,thanks to Sec. of Agriculture Vilsack .We got a whopping $12.00 a hundredweight instead of $11.30 . Wow , what to do with all this money ! It is a joke! A joke on every hard working farmer , who struggles every day to pay the bills. How much longer are we to take these insults ?? Something needs to be done and now ! The milk price has to be raised immediately to at least $ 17.00 .So farmers can try to at least keep the farms they have worked and struggled over for years ! I read in one of our farm papers there were 250,000 farms in the US in 1980 .Now in 2009 there are only 50,000 . And there are going to be even less if something isn't done NOW !!!!

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