Friday, April 22, 2011

Getting closer

It is getting closer to the day we will be loading up the cows to leave.( 3 weeks ) I think God is trying to help us feel not as sad about them going. We have been having problems at the barn . Constant problems with the gutter cleaner , the chain keeps coming off, it is a struggle to clean gutters every time.We get so frustrated with our old and worn out equipment. The other night cows broke water cup, were at barn til 1130pm . Guess God is trying to keep us from feeling so sad ! LOL ! We will sure not miss the headaches and stress that go along with farming. But we both are under a lot of stress right now. Every day we think about how our lives are going to be so very different . Like I have said again and again , I realized this was going to be hard on us . But I didn't think it would hit us as hard as it is. Many times at the barn the last week or so, I find myself in tears . I know my husband feels the same. It is like losing someone . But what we are losing is a way of life we have had for all of our marriage .

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Cows

We had some one come and look at the cows yesterday . He was very interested in them. He thought they looked great and were in great shape. So all that was good. He wants to have our cows at his auction in May. He felt we could get a good price for most of the cows. Some , being older we won't get that great of a price. We have talked about it and we think we are going to go with this choice. Our cows will more than likely be sold to a local farmer. Which we like. The sale will be May 13. Friday the 13th ! but our family says that will be good luck ! So more than likely the cows will be gone by the middle of May.
Last night my daughter and I were talking about the person coming to look at the cows. Our "little farmer " was listening and she tells me " I don't want you to sell the cows ! Can't you at least keep Bluey ? " Bluey is the cow who she brushes and pets every time she comes over to the farm. She is her pet cow. Our grandaughter started to cry . About broke my heart . My daughter told her Mamma and Papee have to sell the cows. I told her , how about we name one of the calves we keep Bluey ? How about that ? That made her feel better . I thought maybe I can take a picture of Bluey and our grandaughter and she can keep it in her room. My other daughter said we will have to have the grandkids come and say goodbye to the cows. I hope they don't get too upset . Probably we will all be standing there crying our eyes out ! As I said before , this is going to affect more than just my husband and I when the cows leave .
Today I was telling my parents and my brother and his wife about the cows probably leaving in May and I start crying. The thought of the cows getting loaded and leaving made me sad . Although I won't miss the tail in the face, the kick in the leg and so on ! LOL !