Sunday, March 27, 2016


Last Sunday we had quite a scare at our old farmhouse ! I went away with my daughter Jodi. I started back our lane and my husband was coming out the lane. We each stopped. He says I smell something in the house , but everything seems okay . I come back the lane and go into the house. First thing I see is smoke in the kitchen and in the living room. I call my husband and tell him something is wrong the house is full of smoke. He says I will be right there.  I go outside and look at our chimney , thinking it is the flu and we have a flue fire . I see flames coming out of a metal grate beside the chimney . Oh my God, I think to myself our house is on fire.  One of my biggest fears ! We live in an old , about 200 years old , farmhouse.  It would go up in no time  ! My husband gets home and I tell him there are flames . He gets his portable radio for Walker Twp. Fire Co. and calls in the fire . He tells them it is a working structure fire at his residence. ( My husband has been a member of the Fire Co for almost 50 years ) . Most of the firemen know our address and as soon as they heard Jim on the radio , they were out their doors , before the tones even went off. My husband had run down to the  basement and saw the flames. He got the garden hose and put out the fire. The fire trucks came and all the firemen . They were wonderful .  We were so touched by all the firemen who showed up to help us  ! They are like a family to my husband and he was near tears , we both were !  I had called our daughters and they both came with some of the grandkids and my brother showed up also. The firemen cut the carpet in the living room to make sure the floor was okay . They were here about an hour . Some of the firemen tried to get Jim to sit down, but he wouldn't . All of us said , if this has been a weekday and Jim and I were at work, we would have lost everything  ! Our home , our belongings and things you could never replace. We are so lucky and so thankful God was watching over us on last Sunday , March  20th  ! We are Blessed !

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Wow, I have not been on here for ages !! 2015 ??  I better do better !  It has been beautiful weather here in Central  PA . I even dug out my capris . It could stay like this , but I don't think we will be that lucky !

We are having a Birthday Party for my Dad tomorrow. Of course we have to have lots of food. And cake of course ! He will be 83 years old.  He had a stroke a couple of years ago , but is still doing pretty well.

Dad is the one clear on the left of the picture. This picture is from our 40th and Mom and Dad's  60th Wedding Anniversary Party back  a couple of years ago.