Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Spring has Left !!

Well , I  think spring has left us ! We had such great , sunny  and warm weather . And now it is windy , cool and some nights pretty dang cold . We still have a coal and wood fire in our furnace. This time of the year our old farmhouse gets pretty chilly without a fire going. Hopefully soon it will warm up enough to let the fire go out. My husband got home from work at the Township yesterday and we went down to the brush and cut and loaded a big load of wood . We unloaded it by the cellar door. We also stacked some down in the cellar . It should keep us going with the coal for awhile. We had a Wonderful Easter . We all went to my Mom and Dads and ate way too much. The older two grandsons helped me hide the Easter eggs for the other three. Sure didn' t take them long to find them all. Then it was dessert time.The weather stayed nice long enough for us to sit on the deck and enjoy the sun. But by later afternoon it started to cloud up an got chilly.It was so nice for us all to be together and enjoy the day !