Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Farming Lesson

I recently had a mammogram . I had to give a farming lesson to a lady there . We were talking and I said I live on a farm . She told me she would love to live on a farm . I said things aren't good right now if you are a farmer . I told her how our milk prices are really low .How we can't even pay our bills . She says ~ Why don't you just raise your prices ?? I told her we don't set our prices .If we did , we sure would give ourselves enough to pay the bills ! And not have to sell some of our belongings to pay the bills the milk check won't pay . And a lot of the time that isn't even enough . Last month all I could send to our vet bill was $ 20 .00 .Other bills I can only send $ 10 .00 . Our bills are getting way behind because of the low prices . When ( and if it ever does !! ) the price does go up , we are going to be so far behind on all our bills . I don't know how much longer we can hang on. I have sent a letter to G.T. ( Rep. Glenn Thompson ~ PA ) again. I have sent him farm articles from our farm papers . And I know he is doing what he can . We really appreciate all he is trying to do to help .

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