Monday, August 1, 2011

Hublersburg Big Event

This Saturday will be the big event of the year for Hublersburg , the small town we live in. Every year we have our big parade and festival . The Fire Co. runs all the stands . This could be the last year it is held. That would be such a shame. I can remember going to the festival as a child . We had such a wonderful time, running all over and eating lots of good food and playing games. Our children have memories of going to the festival too. It is such a tradition in Hublersburg. I just hate to think it could end. Mostly it is the life long residents of Walker Township who continue to come to the parade . I rarely see people there , who have moved to the township and live in the housing developments . It is the people who have lived in Walker Township all their life and still remember coming to this as a child . You walk around and visit with people and see their kids and the grandkids. I really hope it will continue and not end a life long tradition in Hublersburg !