Friday, December 18, 2009

My Heart was Touched

I had such a wonderful surprise in the mail today . I got a package from someone .I have no idea who it is from .There was no name or card. I opened it and found a gift card and a wrapped present. I was so excited by the gift card. And then I opened the wrapped present. And I cried . I had my Christmas Wish list on here and one of the things I wished I had the money to buy was the big box of Triscuit crackers . Someone sent us a big box of Triscuit crackers. I know it is a silly thing to cry about , a box of Triscuit crackers. But that someone took the time to send this to us , it was so special . It really touched my heart and I wish I could thank them for this so special gift . It made my day . And I plan on opening a bottle of wine , having myself some of those Triscuits and some cheese. So thank you to someone for caring and sending us this very Christmas gift. Bless You !

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Christmas Wishes

This Christmas I have a couple of wishes.

#1 ~ I wish I had the money to replace my light above the stove , instead of moving a lamp beside the stove every time I cook.
#2 ~ I wish I could go to the grocery store and fill the cart with anything I want , instead of only buying what I absolutely need.
#3 ~ I wish I could buy that big box of Triscuit crackers , instead of putting it back on the shelf because I can't afford it.
#4 ~ I wish for a month of not having to worry and stress about how to pay the bills on the disgusting milk price we recieve.
#5 ~ I wish for another coat for when I take my walks ( to help deal with stress ) in the mornings, instead of having to safety pin it shut.
#6 ~ I wish I could turn on the heater in the milkhouse when I wash the milkers, instead of worrying it will make our electric bill higher .
#7 ~ I wish we could fill up our gas tank on the farm , instead of only buying 100 gallons.
#8 ~ I wish for a fair price for our milk , that we could actually live on and pay the bills with.
#9 ~ I wish I could enjoy the beauty of all my Christmas lights, instead of worrying how much higher our electric bill will be.
#10 ~ And while I am wishing ~~ I wish I was a size 8 !! LOL !

Sunday, December 6, 2009


Every year I decorate the archway in our dining room and the doorway to the living room. I have a pine garland with red berries that I bought at least 15 years ago. I add some white lights and a bow at each corner. The long shelf above the archway was a Christmas gift years ago. It was handmade to match the woodwork in our old farmhouse. You should have seen me in the car the day I picked up this long shelf at the shop where it was made. It would not fit in the car. I had the one end in the front seat of the car and the back end was hanging out the one side window. I love this shelf. I filled it with old jars, milk bottles and tins.

My Santa Collection

Pics of my trees

Here are some pics of my trees I decorate for Christmas.

Christmas is Coming

Wow, I didn't realize it had been so long since I was on here. I can't believe it is December. Christmas will be here before I am ready . Also our one grandaughter has a birthday in Dec. She will be 7. I can't believe she is going to be 7. I remember when I was keeping her before she started school. Seems like so long ago. Now she is in First Grade. Also my birthday is this month too. But I am nowhere near 7. LOL ! Way beyond that . This year is the first year I won't buy my Thomas Kinkaid Christmas cards . I won't be buying any cards at all. I will only be sending cards to family.I have cards from other years I will use. Just can't afford the stamps . I will also be cutting back on Christmas presents . Mostly I will give family craft things I have made.
Last week I finished putting up all the trees . I have a 9' tree in the one living room, a twig tree in the other living room, the 7 1/2' tree in the dining room, a 2' tree in the kitchen, an 18 " tree in the downstairs bathroom and a 1' tree in the upstairs bathroom. The 7 1/2' tree is my primitive tree .It has all primitive ornies on it and white lights. The 9' tree has ornies I have collected over the years , some antique ornaments from my mother-in-law, ornies with the grandkids pics in them and ornies people have given us over the years . I didn't start putting out all my decorations til 2 days ago. I just couldn't get into the holiday mood. Probably because the milk prices aren't any better . Paying the bills isn't any easier . And we have pretty much sold about all we can sell to help pay the bills. Not sure what we are going to do. Can only pray God will help us out, like He has always done.