Friday, July 31, 2009

Baling Hay ~~ NOT

We started the 2nd cutting of hay .But we aren't making much progress . We have only had 2 loads so far. It won't stop raining. We get one sunny day and than it rains again. The hay needs lots of sun to dry so we can bale it. But the sun isn't cooperating . By this time we are usually on the 3rd. cutting. I don't think we are going to even get a 3rd. cutting this year . Guess we just have to be glad we did get some hay.

Friday, July 17, 2009

the view from our upper fields

The grandkids and I walked up to some of our upper fields to see Papee baling hay . They got to pick a few raspberries . We walked to the fields closest to our mountain . They got a bit tired . But they enjoyed it . I told them the next time they came, we would pack a lunch and take it up to the field and have a picnic . They were all excited about that . The view from these fields is beautiful. You can see down the valley . It would be wonderful to have a small cabin up in the woods and have that wonderful view.

Friday, July 10, 2009

the farmers tears

It isn't getting any better for the dairy farmer . Prices are still not good. I was very depressed and wrote this the other night.

He sits at the table and his heart is breaking
The banker came today and said your farm we are taking .

He walks to the barn with tears rolling down his face
Today is the day he feared would take place .

He has tried and tried to hold onto his land
All he ever wanted was a bit of a helping hand .

The cows have left and the farm is up for sale
What else can he do he feels like he has failed.

He has pleaded for a fair price almost all this year
But those pleas have fallen on a deaf ear .

Let's bail out big business when they come crawling
But no help comes for the family farmer when he comes calling .