Thursday, April 22, 2010

Our Little Farmer

Our 6 year old grandaughter was here this afternoon and she helped us at the barn. She is our little farmer. She loves being at the barn and helping. She says she wants to be a vet someday. She probably will because she just loves animals. When we have the vet here for one of our cows and Lexi is here , she stands by the vet and watches everything she does. One of our mother cats just had 6 kittens . Lexi went right to their box and was checking them out . She asked if it was ok to pick them up yet . We told her she could. So she walked around the barn carrying a kitten . She gave them all a turn . She went with Papee while he went to get the wheelbarrow to feed the heifers in the extension . He brings her back up to the barn in the wheelbarrow. He fills it with silage and Lexi fills the bucket with chop. Then down the two of them go and get their feeding done. Lexi has a couple of pet cows. One is Bluey who she likes to pet. Then there is the cow named after her, ALEXIS . Her cow just had a heifer calf. We told her she could name the calf. She picked CUPCAKE . She was outside at the pen looking her calf over . If she was old enough I know she would take over our farm and run it .

Friday, April 9, 2010

Spring Time

Well, spring was here for a bit. We had a couple of beautiful days. Now winter is back. We had left the coal fire in our furnace go out . But this morning my husband had to start a new fire. Our old farmhouse was getting kind of chilly. It feels pretty nice in here now.

My husband has been busy plowing the fields. But we owe the seed and fertilizer company money from last years seed,etc. And we don't have the money to pay the bill , so we can't buy new seed and fertilizer for this year. My husband is very disgusted with farming right now. He keeps saying he is going to sell the cows and get out of dairy farming. But we don't think we will get enough for our cows to help pay off all the bills we owe. So we keep struggling along.

Farm Aid has a link for people to contact the USDA and let them know dairy farmers need help immediately. Click this to help .
They need to realize the situation has not improved for many dairy farmers. We heard just the past 2 weeks of 2 or 3 dairy farmers selling their cows in our area . Many of the dairy farmers in our area are struggling to make ends meet . Many are ready to sell out and are very disgusted with the politicians and their hearings and studies . Dairy farmers do not need studies , they need REAL HELP !