Wednesday, July 21, 2010

First Cutting of Hay

Our first cutting of hay is done. We had a great first cutting. We unloaded 6030 bales. Usually it was myself, my husband and our retired farmer neighbor unloading . Sometimes my brother helped. A couple of times we had 5 to 7 loads in one day . Then a friend , his son and soon to be son in law came and helped too. We filled the one hay mow, part of a another , one of the over hangs and some of the back wall where we keep heifer hay . But the second cutting has not been good at all. We desperately need rain. Everything is drying up. Our yard is starting to turn brown . Most of our sweet corn is done for. We may get a few ears but not many. I will miss that . Usually I freeze a bunch of sweet corn. It has been very hot and humid ! Yuck ! The older I get the more I mind the humidity. Guess I am getting old ! LOL ! They are calling for hit and miss thunderstorms the next couple of days . Hopefully some of them will get to us and help the dry fields .