Friday, June 21, 2013

Hay , Hay and More Hay

We are getting the first cutting of hay about done. As of last night we have baled ( and unloaded ! ) about  1000 bales of hay. The hay mow is filling up. We unloaded 2 loads last night. Jim, our neighbor Glenn and I unloaded the hay . Today my husband got the big , red wagon ready for hay. I despise that red wagon ! LOL !  It is a lot bigger than our 2 wooden wagons. So of course it holds a LOT more bales and there are a lot more to unload. Today we will be baling  and unloading 3+ loads. When I ask my husband how many loads will there be?  I think he lies to me !  There are always more loads than he tells me. So if he says 3+ there will maybe be 4 or more ! LOL ! It is hot and humid , which makes the unloading even worse. Reminds me, I better dig out an old bandana to wrap around my head to keep the sweat out of my eyes .And you always wear jeans to unload hay.... unless you want scratched up legs ! Which makes you feel even hotter!
Tomorrow we will be baling 2+ loads. So , yes , that would actually be 3+ loads ! I think that will be it for the weekend. Then we will start on the second cutting. But I like to see the barn filling up with hay . That money over the winter and in the spring helps pay bills. Hopefully , we will also have a third cutting too !
 Husband mowed this hay earlier in the week and now we are baling it.
Grandson LOVES getting on the BIG, RED WAGON !

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A New Page in My Life

I have always been a stay at home home. I helped on our dairy farm and also did my crafts. I am a 57 year old woman who is starting a new page in my life!  My daughter has been working at the Mingoville Post Office for awhile now . She told me they were looking for some one to work part time , when she needed a day off or was sick. So I thought about it and decided to apply for the job. In May I went for the very FIRST interview in my life! I had a couple of small part time jobs before I got married and and one a few years after we were married. But I never, ever had gone on an interview. So I guess I should have been nervous and  worried , but I wasn't  . I guess it went pretty well. I told my girls afterwards what I was asked and my answers. They said I gave very good answers. I got the job!! I go for Orientation on Monday . It will be all day . Then  later in the week my daughter will be the one training me. Hmmmm....wonder how that will  go ?? Will she think of all the times I yelled at her in her teens ?  And think ..Oh boy, here is my chance to get my Mom ??? LOL !!  I don't think she will. But I did tell her , just train me as a nervous new employee and not as your Mother . There is a lot of paperwork and computer work. But I am used to lots of paper work from working on our local Election Board . I kept thinking will I be able do this ? My 57 year old brain does not work as well as a younger one ! So , in the next couple of weeks I will become a Part Time Postal Employee. Will keep you updated on my progress (  or lack of progress! ) !!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Summer is here !!

Summer is here for sure !! One grandaughter had a soccer game today , It was sooo hot !  Those poor kids were even hotter than we were I am sure , with running all over the field.The other grandaughter has a game tomorrow. I sure hope it is cooler. It isn't til 5:45 so maybe it will be !

Last night we unloaded 2 loads of hay . It wasn't as hot as I thought it would be up in the barn. No more hay til later next week. My husband , myself and our neighbor all unloaded. Then another neighbor just happened to stop by and got  to join in the fun of unloading !

Today my husband had to fix the manure spreader . After that he decided to start cleaning the one calf pen in the barn. It has to be done with a pitchfork so it takes a long time.  He puts the manure spreader back by the pen and we can throw the manure right into it. He got it about 3/4 done and I went out to help .  He got to the far side of the pen . So he forked it over to me and I threw it into the spreader . EXERCISE, EXERCISE !! Wonder if people would pay to come clean calf pens and unload hay for a summer trip ?? I bet there are actually people who would do that !! Come and work on a farm and be around the animals      ! Hmmmm... will have to think about that ! Well, maybe not , I bet the insurance we would have to pay would be huge !!

After we finished the calf pen I had the bright idea to spray weeds ! What was I thinking , as hot as it was ?? I needed to spray by the ditch, by the milk house, around my flower garden , down by the spring and down the one bank. I think I may have overdone it !

Before supper my husband and I sat outside and had a glass of iced tea. Boy, did that taste good ! Good and COLD !! I have come to the conclusion we ARE NOT as young as we used to be ! LOL !!  when we both tried to get up put of our Adirondack chairs it took us awhile !! LOL !!!!

I cooked cheese burgers on the grill for our supper. Then we finished off our night going to our daughters to have cake for our grandsons 13th birthday !