Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sale on my Etsy Shop

I am having a sale on my Etsy Shop. There is 20 % off every item in the shop. There is a code to put in at checkout. Check out all the goodies . I want to clear out a bunch of goodies and add new spring and summer things. So I decided to have this sale. Hope you find something you would like !!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

We are a Century Farm !!!

We knew we were close to being a Century Farm. My husband talked to a guy last week and he said as far as he can tell we are a CENTURY FARM now !! We just have to fill out the paper work. For those who don't know what that is ----- you are a CENTURY FARM if your farm has been in your family for100 years. And that is us! First my husband's grandparents , his parents and now my husband and I . With so many farmers losing their farm, this is something to be very proud of and we are !!! To know 100 years ago our ancestors were farming this same ground and their families were growing up on this same land we now are on. My husband grew up on this farm and has gone to the barn since he was little. So for him he has worked on this farm for at least 57 years . We will be married for 37 years this March. We both love living on our farm and think it is so beautiful. We live back a lane and have an old farmhouse with a spring in front of it. It usually is full of ducks . Anytime someone comes back to our farm , if they have never been here before, they always say " This is so beautiful ! I never knew this was back here ! " I have always felt we were so lucky to live on this farm . Behind our farm is a long lane up to the mountains. If you walk up to the edge of the mountains and look out you can see the valley and it is amazing ! It would be a wonderful place to have a cabin , except in the winter ! To have your farm in the same family for 100 years is a wonderful feeling and we are very lucky !!