Saturday, June 1, 2013

Summer is here !!

Summer is here for sure !! One grandaughter had a soccer game today , It was sooo hot !  Those poor kids were even hotter than we were I am sure , with running all over the field.The other grandaughter has a game tomorrow. I sure hope it is cooler. It isn't til 5:45 so maybe it will be !

Last night we unloaded 2 loads of hay . It wasn't as hot as I thought it would be up in the barn. No more hay til later next week. My husband , myself and our neighbor all unloaded. Then another neighbor just happened to stop by and got  to join in the fun of unloading !

Today my husband had to fix the manure spreader . After that he decided to start cleaning the one calf pen in the barn. It has to be done with a pitchfork so it takes a long time.  He puts the manure spreader back by the pen and we can throw the manure right into it. He got it about 3/4 done and I went out to help .  He got to the far side of the pen . So he forked it over to me and I threw it into the spreader . EXERCISE, EXERCISE !! Wonder if people would pay to come clean calf pens and unload hay for a summer trip ?? I bet there are actually people who would do that !! Come and work on a farm and be around the animals      ! Hmmmm... will have to think about that ! Well, maybe not , I bet the insurance we would have to pay would be huge !!

After we finished the calf pen I had the bright idea to spray weeds ! What was I thinking , as hot as it was ?? I needed to spray by the ditch, by the milk house, around my flower garden , down by the spring and down the one bank. I think I may have overdone it !

Before supper my husband and I sat outside and had a glass of iced tea. Boy, did that taste good ! Good and COLD !! I have come to the conclusion we ARE NOT as young as we used to be ! LOL !!  when we both tried to get up put of our Adirondack chairs it took us awhile !! LOL !!!!

I cooked cheese burgers on the grill for our supper. Then we finished off our night going to our daughters to have cake for our grandsons 13th birthday !

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