Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A New Page in My Life

I have always been a stay at home home. I helped on our dairy farm and also did my crafts. I am a 57 year old woman who is starting a new page in my life!  My daughter has been working at the Mingoville Post Office for awhile now . She told me they were looking for some one to work part time , when she needed a day off or was sick. So I thought about it and decided to apply for the job. In May I went for the very FIRST interview in my life! I had a couple of small part time jobs before I got married and and one a few years after we were married. But I never, ever had gone on an interview. So I guess I should have been nervous and  worried , but I wasn't  . I guess it went pretty well. I told my girls afterwards what I was asked and my answers. They said I gave very good answers. I got the job!! I go for Orientation on Monday . It will be all day . Then  later in the week my daughter will be the one training me. Hmmmm....wonder how that will  go ?? Will she think of all the times I yelled at her in her teens ?  And think ..Oh boy, here is my chance to get my Mom ??? LOL !!  I don't think she will. But I did tell her , just train me as a nervous new employee and not as your Mother . There is a lot of paperwork and computer work. But I am used to lots of paper work from working on our local Election Board . I kept thinking will I be able do this ? My 57 year old brain does not work as well as a younger one ! So , in the next couple of weeks I will become a Part Time Postal Employee. Will keep you updated on my progress (  or lack of progress! ) !!

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