Friday, June 21, 2013

Hay , Hay and More Hay

We are getting the first cutting of hay about done. As of last night we have baled ( and unloaded ! ) about  1000 bales of hay. The hay mow is filling up. We unloaded 2 loads last night. Jim, our neighbor Glenn and I unloaded the hay . Today my husband got the big , red wagon ready for hay. I despise that red wagon ! LOL !  It is a lot bigger than our 2 wooden wagons. So of course it holds a LOT more bales and there are a lot more to unload. Today we will be baling  and unloading 3+ loads. When I ask my husband how many loads will there be?  I think he lies to me !  There are always more loads than he tells me. So if he says 3+ there will maybe be 4 or more ! LOL ! It is hot and humid , which makes the unloading even worse. Reminds me, I better dig out an old bandana to wrap around my head to keep the sweat out of my eyes .And you always wear jeans to unload hay.... unless you want scratched up legs ! Which makes you feel even hotter!
Tomorrow we will be baling 2+ loads. So , yes , that would actually be 3+ loads ! I think that will be it for the weekend. Then we will start on the second cutting. But I like to see the barn filling up with hay . That money over the winter and in the spring helps pay bills. Hopefully , we will also have a third cutting too !
 Husband mowed this hay earlier in the week and now we are baling it.
Grandson LOVES getting on the BIG, RED WAGON !

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