Friday, February 1, 2013

OK, Winter is HERE !

OK, I think winter is here ! It has been very, very windy and cold here in central PA. We have had snow squalls go through the last couple of days. Last night I looked outside before I went to bed  and the ground was covered with snow.  We got about 1/2 " . Then about 3 a.m. Jim's cell phone rang  and he got called out to work on the roads for the Township. He got back home about 9 a.m. He thought we got about 1 1/2 " . I thought the wind was to calm down but I guess not yet. The wind blowing makes it feel even colder . I thought I would take my walk this morning. But after I opened the door  and felt how cold it was I changed my mind ! I decided to use my bike inside where it is warm ! Much better idea !

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