Tuesday, January 15, 2013

New Year not starting out very well !!

Our New Year is not starting out very well. Dad is having these health issues. They are still working on Dads' blood clot and are still waiting to hear from the heart Doctor. Then my husband has this cough he seems to get every winter. He hasn't been to work since last week. He can't sleep upstairs in our bed. As soon as he lays back he starts coughing. He tries to sleep on the recliner. But that doesn't seem to work very well either. He hasn't had much sleep the last couple of nights. Neither have I .... I wake up hearing him coughing up a lung. He went to the Doctor and they put him on prednisone  and  is to use an inhaler. Plus he already takes allergy pills  every day . Plus his blood pressure pill and his acid reflux pill. When we had the dairy cows , all he took was acid reflux pills and a vitamin. Ever since we sold the cows , he is on all this medicine now ! I told him I am thinking of trading him in for someone younger and healthier ! LOL  ! This morning I took him to an office in State College for a chest X ray. They called and said the X ray was normal. So that is good. This afternoon they called in a prescription for a cough pill. I went and picked them up. Hopefully they work on this cough  and he gets to feeling better soon!

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