Monday, January 7, 2013

New Health Problems for Dad

Dad now has some new health problems to deal with. His leg was bothering him and was swollen. We took him to the Doctor and they said go to the hospital and have an ultrasound done on the leg. To check for a blood clot.  And that is what it was. He is on a blood thinner and Mom has to give him shots in the stomach. He has to have blood work done about every other day. To check for a level in the blood. They want it to be about 2 . It started out at .9  and then went up to 1.6 . Then it got up above 2 and that was too high. So they were to cut back on his blood thinner and quit the shots. He goes again on Wed. for blood work again.

Then last week I took them for his regular appointment for an ultrasound on the artery in his neck . This is the same artery that was blocked the other year , which caused his stroke. They did the surgery on  the artery to open it up. They do this routine ultrasound about every 6 months. The last time they did one the artery was about 59% blocked. Thursday's ultrasound showed severe blockage, maybe in the 90 - 99 %  range! They set Dad up for an CAT scan  this morning. I took them to the hospital . His appointment was at 9:30 am. They did the scan , now we wait to hear from the Doctor.To see if the ultrasound was correct and he does have blockage. Once they get the results we will  go from there. More than likely they will decide to do surgery on the artery again.  We are hoping for the best !

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