Tuesday, December 11, 2012


We are having a mild winter so far. They called for snow flurries this morning , but they never came. A little snow for Christmas would be nice. My kind of snow is the kind that lays on the grass , but not the road !  I HATE to drive in the snow, makes me very nervous. 

My house is all decorated for Christmas. I have my 3 trees up and they are decorated with all my special ornaments . The 9' tree in the living room has all our old ornaments from the kids , ones family have given to us over the years and I always put on the ornaments  of the 5 grandkids on that tree . I have special frames for their pictures. I put a new picture  in each Christmas.The 7 1/2' tree in the dining room is my Primitive Tree. It has all my primitive ornaments from over the years I have collected or received as a gift. The last thing I do still have to put under the tree in the living room is the Nativity set. The old barn I use is one my husband's uncle made for us . It was made from wood that was from an old shed here on the farm . I LOVE it !

We are having our Christmas meal here on the farm. We will have it the Sunday before Christmas. Some of the family don't get many days off for  the holidays . So that is about the only day that suits most everybody. We will have a big meal of turkey, mashed potatoes, filling, baked corn, sweet potatoes with marshmallows on top,gravy,pickled eggs, deviled eggs, pies and dirt cake. We LOVE dirt cake !  I told my daughter maybe she should double the recipe this year ! We have a tradition of giving joke presents to everyone at Christmas. It was started by my mother -in-law years ago . And I have continued her tradition. I write down in a little notebook the things each person did to screw up. Like the one year my brother backed his car into the garage door, things like that . But for some reason this year I didn't write stuff down. So no joke presents this year ! My daughter said instead this year we should go around the table  and say one thing we are thankful for. I thought that was a great idea. So we will do that this year. 

Hope you all have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS !!!

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