Friday, December 18, 2009

My Heart was Touched

I had such a wonderful surprise in the mail today . I got a package from someone .I have no idea who it is from .There was no name or card. I opened it and found a gift card and a wrapped present. I was so excited by the gift card. And then I opened the wrapped present. And I cried . I had my Christmas Wish list on here and one of the things I wished I had the money to buy was the big box of Triscuit crackers . Someone sent us a big box of Triscuit crackers. I know it is a silly thing to cry about , a box of Triscuit crackers. But that someone took the time to send this to us , it was so special . It really touched my heart and I wish I could thank them for this so special gift . It made my day . And I plan on opening a bottle of wine , having myself some of those Triscuits and some cheese. So thank you to someone for caring and sending us this very Christmas gift. Bless You !

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