Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Christmas Wishes

This Christmas I have a couple of wishes.

#1 ~ I wish I had the money to replace my light above the stove , instead of moving a lamp beside the stove every time I cook.
#2 ~ I wish I could go to the grocery store and fill the cart with anything I want , instead of only buying what I absolutely need.
#3 ~ I wish I could buy that big box of Triscuit crackers , instead of putting it back on the shelf because I can't afford it.
#4 ~ I wish for a month of not having to worry and stress about how to pay the bills on the disgusting milk price we recieve.
#5 ~ I wish for another coat for when I take my walks ( to help deal with stress ) in the mornings, instead of having to safety pin it shut.
#6 ~ I wish I could turn on the heater in the milkhouse when I wash the milkers, instead of worrying it will make our electric bill higher .
#7 ~ I wish we could fill up our gas tank on the farm , instead of only buying 100 gallons.
#8 ~ I wish for a fair price for our milk , that we could actually live on and pay the bills with.
#9 ~ I wish I could enjoy the beauty of all my Christmas lights, instead of worrying how much higher our electric bill will be.
#10 ~ And while I am wishing ~~ I wish I was a size 8 !! LOL !

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