Sunday, December 15, 2013

Snow and more Snow !

Got a snowstorm yesterday , and we probably got maybe 6 -8 inches . Jim was out at 3am plowing the Township roads. Got home about 8:30 , ate breakfast and warmed up a bit. Then we went out and started clearing the snow. I shoveled out to the garage and to my birdfeeders and a few other places. Jim started clearing the lane , above the barn  and around the garage . He came back the lane and made the corner by the milkhouse and the one pin for the snow blade came out.  So he had to fix that . Finally got it all done. We came inside and warmed up. I made a pot of beef noodle soup and biscuits for lunch . Tasted pretty good.

As I was shoveling , I thought how I used to have to shovel the walks wide enough for Landon's stroller. When he was a baby , before we sold the cows , I would take him  to the barn in the morning and the walk had to be wider than the  stroller so I could get it through. I sure don't miss dressing in about 5 layers to keep warm out at the barn!

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