Tuesday, December 10, 2013


I can't believe it is almost the end of the year and Christmas will be here soon!  I am so not ready !!! This year has flown by so fast ! We were blessed again this year.  We sold all of our hay and ear corn, which was great ! We had a good hay crop for this year . Our sweet corn did well. We all got to freeze a bunch for eating this winter. My husband was up for re election for Walker Township Supervisor. We were glad he made it for another 6 year term. This is his third 6 year term. I am glad the people of Walker Township appreciate all he does  and voted him in again!

I have both my trees up and decorated. The 9' tree is in the living room. The 7  1/2 ' tree is in the dining room. The little grandson loves them.

For years , when our two girls were younger , we would go up our lane to the mountain and cut down a tree. Some of those trees had the biggest holes you had to hide  ! LOL !  But we always had such a fun time. Well, it was fun til we got it into the house and my husband and I had to put it up. That part wasn't as much fun! LOL !

This Fall my parents had an auction to get rid of some their things. They plan on selling their home in the next year or so. With their health not as good , they can't keep up with everything that needs done . Both my brothers and a niece and nephew came up from Florida to help . We had a wonderful visit !! And of course had a picnic here at the farm  and had a campfire.

We are blessed with our two daughters and the five grandkids. And blessed to live on this beautiful farm . There are times when things do not go well, but so many times when we need a blessing, it always comes through ! 


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