Saturday, March 9, 2013


My parents and three brother's moved from Pennsylvania to Florida the same year I got married. So while my kids were growing up my parents were far away and didn't get to see them much. That was before the days of computers and cell phones and Facebook. I would tape the girls on a cassette tape and mail it to Mom for her to hear the girls talking or singing. The other week my brother found some of the tapes at Mom and Dad's and put it onto a CD. He gave me the CD last week. I put it in the car to listen to on the CD player.The girls were about 5 and 2 on the tape . As I am driving up the road it starts and I hear this sweet little voice saying a poem from a Christmas Program at our church and then singing Jingle Bells . Next I hear the younger daughter singing Jingle Bells or at least trying to sing it like her older sister did. Hearing those little voices was wonderful. It brought back so many memories of when they were that age . You forget how little they sound . It brought tears to my eyes to hear those little voices . The older daughter got to hear herself on the CD the other day when she was in my car. She loved it too ! What a special memory to have and to be able to share it with the girls and their kids. The grand kids want to hear their Mommy's singing on the CD. I can't wait for them to hear their Mom's singing Jingle Bells and Rudolph. I will treasure this CD and listen to the girls singing over and over !

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