Monday, May 16, 2011

Thank you !!!!!

Thanks to all of you who have called, emailed and sent best wishes to us .... it has meant so much to have so many people ( some who we have never even met ) tell us they were thinking of us and wishing us the best. It has warmed our hearts and has helped with the sadness of selling our cows. When I get on Twitter or Facebook and see a message that we are being thought of or that they hoped our day was going better, it makes my heart smile ! It is still very hard to go to the barn and not see the cows. We did a little work at the barn yesterday. Sweeping up and moving things. We gave our one farmer neighbor some of our soap, etc. we had left. We think the calves that we kept at the barn are missing the cows too. When we go out they bawl and we think they are wondering where did the rest of our herd go ? This has been like a death in the family to us. Some might say what ??, these were only cows. Our cows were like family to us and we hope they are happy and well cared for in their new barns.

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