Saturday, May 14, 2011

the cows are gone

Well it is done. The cows were loaded yesterday in 4 trips and taken to the sale barn in Centre Hall. I really thought yesterday would be the day we would be the saddest.And it was a sad time and hard to deal with. We went over to the sale early , with our family for support, and it was hard seeing our cows being sold. But it turns out today is even harder . My husband said it feels like you have sold some one in your family. I don't think I can describe the sorrow and sadness we feel at the loss of the cows. It is very, very, very hard. I went out to the barn to help move some calves and we were both crying. We knew it would soon be barn time and we are in the habit of going to the barn and have done it for all these years . It is like what do we do at barn time ? We are going out for supper tonight at the time we would be going to the barn. We just need to get away and not be able to see the barn and know our cows aren' t there anymore. We know this feeling isn't going to go away for awhile. But I want to end this post with a good note.... we are so very thankful that we did well at the sale and are going to be able to pay off a lot of our debt . And for that I thank God for once again looking out for us !


  1. We sold our dairy cows in the CWT in November of 2009. I thought my husband would be so sad the day the cows left. Instead it was like the weight of the world had been lifted off his shoulders. I hope your new tomorrow treats you well.

  2. One comfort I had when my cows went a few years ago, was that they all went as a herd to one farm, miles away sold privately. Could not bring myself to go and visit them. Felt I had betrayed them. Spoke to the new ower who seemed very pleased as to how they had travelled and settled down.

  3. Thank you.. I think eventually we will find it is a relief from the stress. But right now it is very hard .