Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Our littlest grandson was here yesterday . He was all excited that Papee was going to bale hay . The hay will only be used for bedding. We have had rain , rain, rain and more rain !!  This hay got rained on way too many times to be fed to our animals.  Papee got the baler and wagon all hooked up to the tractor and away they went. I walked up later to check on him. He was watching Papee bale the hay. I took my Kindle along and took some pictures of them . 

Some of the hay bales didn't make it on to the wagon. So our grandson was helping out. We got the hay baled and had about a load and a half. We took the wagons to the barn and decided to unload the hay then . And of course our grandson had to help . 

Here he is all ready to help unload. He was a big helper to Papee and me. He pushed the bales to the front of the wagons. Papee put them on the elevator and just tumbled them in to the hay mow. For as little as he is , he is a good little worker  !! 

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