Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Grandson's Bestest Birthday !

Our little grandson just turned 5 this month and he was so excited to help out his Pap with hay. He got to help drag the hay bales out of the barn. Then he got to help load the hay on the truck. And also got to help deliver it to our Amish customer. Then he got back to the farm and got a tractor ride. He said it was the Bestest Birthday ! LOL ! 
He just loves being here on the farm . He always wants to know where Pap is and what he is doing !  He will look out at the shed and see what piece of equipment is missing . He will say ... I see the baler isn't in the shed ....where is Pap ?  Then we will walk up to the field and see what Pap is doing. And of course get a tractor ride ! 

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