Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Milk Prices Low Again !

My husband was talking to our Amish neighbor yesterday. He is getting only $14.25 a hundredweight for his milk. He told Jim they can't even afford to go to the grocery store and get groceries. It makes me so mad to know dairy farmers STILL are not getting a decent price for their milk. All the work a farmer does , the endless hours of chores and fieldwork seem even harder to deal with when you are not getting paid a decent price for the milk you produce.
As many of you know , we sold our dairy cows last May after 39 years of dairy farming. It was a sad time for us. But I remember all the many , many times of constant stress and fear of how will we pay our bills ?? How will we pay to have our gas tank filled for our tractors so we can do field work ? When there wasn't even enough money to pay for feed for our cows. It makes me sad to think of the many farmers struggling with low milk prices and wondering .... are we going to be able to hang onto our farm and land ? The politicians just say they will investigate , they will hold hearings. Those hearings will really help me hang onto my farm and land ! While you all discuss everything and decide what to do , more and more farmers are losing their farms . The costs of running a farm are rising and the farmer is getting less. I wish I had the answer to the situation many farmers are facing right now. Some people say the farmer should stop whining . Well I say to them, we are not whining !!!!! We just want a fair price for our milk and to know all the hard work we do is worth something !


  1. I so agree yet they want almost $5 a gal or more for it in some places ...so many farms have went under after years and years of this my family's farm to name one its sad! :0( I am a new follower by the way enjoy your blog and look forward to getting to know you ! hugs lil raggedy angie