Saturday, July 9, 2011

summer time

Can't believe it is July already ?? Where did the summer go ? We have been busy baling hay and straw and unloading it. Of course it is always the HOTTEST day when we do ! LOL !! Our usual helpers have been helping to unload. Our friend Mark, his son Nick and his soon to be son-in-law Jimmy, me, my husband, Glenn (our retired farmer neighbor and wonderful help for my husband) and my brother Stan. I just keep thinking of it as wonderful exercise ! My husband has adjusted by now to working for the Township. They work from 6am to 4 pm 4 days a week . Most of last week he was busy mowing berms ( not sure if that is how you spell it ?? ) . He is almost done with that . But there are plenty more jobs to do around the Township. We had a picnic here at the farm on July 4th. He kept telling everyone this was his first paid holiday in 39 years . I think it made his day !! We only have the small calves at the barn now. We put the heifers down in the meadow. When the grandkids and I take our walk the days I have them , our " little farmer " , Lexi has to stop and give them a pet. They come right over to her and wait to get petted. Now my husband is thinking of getting some pigs to raise. We raised some quite a few years ago and then butchered them . It was great having our own ham , bacon and pork chops. And the scrapple , fried up and covered with apple butter , yummy !
Soon , it will be Grange Fair time, once it gets to that time the summer is over. This year the Fair will run from Aug. 25 to Sept 1. The Grange Fair is such a unique place to see. It has 950 tents ( large tents people pay to stay in, usually in the same spot they have had for years and years) and about 1300 RV's ( also in the same spots for years ) . The price you pay for your RV spot depends on the size of the RV. Anyone who is interested in reading about the Fair , here is the website address : . This year will be a special year with having GT ( Rep. Glenn Thompson ) giving us our Century Farm certificate . They are hoping to have someone from the PA Dept. of Agriculture there too. They are planning on having this on Aug . 29 , it will be a very special day for us !

I keep saying ... we still are not adjusted to our new routine. I have come to the conclusion we never will be . I think for the rest of our life we will feel the need to go to the barn and do work .

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