Friday, April 22, 2011

Getting closer

It is getting closer to the day we will be loading up the cows to leave.( 3 weeks ) I think God is trying to help us feel not as sad about them going. We have been having problems at the barn . Constant problems with the gutter cleaner , the chain keeps coming off, it is a struggle to clean gutters every time.We get so frustrated with our old and worn out equipment. The other night cows broke water cup, were at barn til 1130pm . Guess God is trying to keep us from feeling so sad ! LOL ! We will sure not miss the headaches and stress that go along with farming. But we both are under a lot of stress right now. Every day we think about how our lives are going to be so very different . Like I have said again and again , I realized this was going to be hard on us . But I didn't think it would hit us as hard as it is. Many times at the barn the last week or so, I find myself in tears . I know my husband feels the same. It is like losing someone . But what we are losing is a way of life we have had for all of our marriage .

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