Monday, October 12, 2009

Getting Nowhere !!

Well , I have written another Letter to the Editor of our local paper,the CDT .I said in the letter that I have written to my politicians and I am getting nowhere . They have their hearings and do all their studies and hear from dairy industry people. The dairy industry people they should be hearing from are the farmers. Farmers who are in danger of losing their farms to these ridiculous prices we are getting for our milk. A dairy woman , Alice Allen, has filed a class action lawsuit against Dean Foods alleging monopoly pricing. Dean Foods and Kraft are showing record profits while dairy farmers are struggling to survive. There is something rotten in the wood pile !! Farmers are writing and telling their stories. We need to keep it up and keep the pressure on . My husband and I are still struggling. We are so far behind on our bills now , it will take years to ever catch up . If we ever do .

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