Thursday, March 12, 2009

Our farmhouse at Christmas

This is a picture of our farmhouse this past Christmas. I always decorate everywhere . I put lots of pine branches and Santa's and Snowman all over the porch . I have an old chicken crate hanging on the wall .I have it filled with some of my prim goodies. And I have some crocks , old boxes and old tools around the porch . I have an old wooden shutter by the porch . It used to be on the house years ago . They were stored up in our barn . We found them the other year . So we brought them down and I decorated with some of them . They are a really neat aqua color . When everyone comes for the Craft Open House they love to look over everything on my porch . Usually they want to buy stuff that is on the porch . But I tell them it isn't for sale. At least not yet !

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